XRSPACE APP Developer Guideline
Item Description
1 Packaging Requirements
1.1 The application manifest must conform with manifest requirements.
1.2 You must sign your app with APK signature scheme v2.
1.3 Your app must not require Android features not supported on MANOVA.
1.4 You must use a supported SDK and engine version.
1.5 APK file size must be less than 1 GB.
2 Audio Requirements
2.1 Apps should support 3D audio spatialization, although it is not required.
3 Performance Requirements
3.1 The app displays graphics in the headset at 72 frames per second.
3.2 The app must run for 45 minutes with typical usage without entering thermal throttling Power Save mode.
3.3 The app must either display head-tracked graphics in the headset within 4 seconds of launch or provide a loading indicator in VR.
4 Functional Requirements
4.1 App must install and run without crashes, freezes, or extended unresponsive states.
4.2 Single player apps must pause when the user removes the headset or opens
4.3 The app must not leave the user stuck at any point in the experience.
4.4 The app must not lose the user’s data.
4.5 The application must respond to the HMD’s positional tracking as well as orientation.
4.6 If your app requires Internet connectivity for its core functionality, notify users without an active Internet connection that one is required.
4.7 If your app requires Controller connectivity for its core functionality, notify users without an active Controller connection that one is required.
4.8 The app must continue to download content if the user removes the headset.
4.9 In experiences using a Local tracking space, the user must be able to reset their forward orientation.
4.10 App must hide the Status Bar and Navigation Bar.
4.11 Users must not get disconnected from a multiplayer match if they press the MANOVA button or remove their HMD.
4.12 Should hide custom hand when the system menu is open
5 Security Requirements
5.1 The app should perform an XRSPACE Platform entitlement check within 10 seconds of launch.
5.2 The app must request the minimum number of permissions required to function.
6 Tracking Requirements
6.1 When configuring the submission metadata for your app, it must meet the requirements for either sitting, standing, or roomscale play modes.
7 Asset Requirements
7.1 Store cover art images must have a clear logo without extraneous text, taglines, or banners.
7.2 Store cover art must not include text in the top or bottom 20% of the image.
7.3 Hero art must include the branding of the app centered in the image.
7.4 Screenshots must be representative of the app and don’t contain any additional logos, text, or iconography.
7.5 App description, screenshots, and videos must not include HMDs, controllers, or logos for other VR platforms.
7.6 Trailer must not be longer than 2 minutes.
7.7 Artwork asset text should not use a font smaller than 24 pt.